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Building Trust is Essential

Business is like relationship. It needs trust. When people trust you - they buy from you, it is as simple as that. Not using your client agreement to build this trust means that you are loosing great opportunity.

Is your Business Professional ?

Having legal documents in place shows, that you are in controll. You know what you are doing. It is a promise of providing the best quality service, because you are proffesional and you are serious about your business. We all want that, don't we ?

Ground Your Business for Success

Let's have some proffesional talk. You are on your way to success. To the incomes that needs to be protected and high ticket clients. Look at your business as a process. Legal documents are a part of your clients journey with you. They can't be dissconected from your businees. Don't let ot stop you from reaching to the top.

Confidence is So Relaxing

Being an Enterprenour can be so stressfull. There are things we can't controll. But legal documents are NOT one of those things. You know that, right? Wouldn't it be great to be confident in relations with your clients, knowing that your agreement covers any issue that may arise ?

4 Steps to Legal Online Biz

If you have an online business, you are probably promoting it in social media. Whether it’s Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn or the most popular Facebook and… Fanpage (hereinafter FP) – there is a legal side of that.

Do you know – that you, together with Facebook are responsible for what is going on on sites that you administrate (i mean fanpage, group etc.)

Make sure you have Privacy Notice – so everyone contacting you in messenger, chatbot, your FP or group – receive required set of information.

Facebook adds, pixel or custom audience use data tracking so you need to inform people that you do that.

When you plan Giveways or Competitions – FB allows that only if you set and publish Terms and Conditions with certain information.

Make sure you have that sorted to avoid the risk of loosing/closing your FP, specially when it’s where your clients are.


Everyone heard about the GDPR. Scary monster that forces you to protect some data. Brrr…
General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into force 3 years ago. To date, GDPR fines have totalled €292 million and have been issued to global brands such as Google, Marriott International and British Airways.
Yes, I do advise to have that sorted.
Keep in mind, that GDPR is not about having another piece of legal jargon on your website. GDPR is not intended to forbid processing or ask for consent in every single interaction.  It is all about 🕵️‍♂️🕵️‍♀️TRANSPARENCY:
Do you have a record of what personal data you hold?
Do you know what you use it for?
Do people know you have their personal data and understand how you use it?
Do you only collect the personal data you need?
Do you only keep personal data for as long as it is needed?
Do you keep personal data accurate and up to date?
Do you keep personal data secure?
Do you have a way for people to exercise their rights regarding the personal data you hold about them?
Do you and your staff know your data protection responsibilities?
Check my special offer with easy-to-customize-templates. Have the GDPR on your site


Contracts are awesome.

I mean – really. I know usually language is terrible and people does not read them.

But here is the thing: contract does not have to use all this legal jargon. Here is another thing: when you exchange e-mails with offer and confirmation – this is a contract to!

Only in certain types of agreements you need to have contract on the paper to enforce it. 

This is why the Client contract is the last on this list.

Although i am sure your business will get to that point, when you are going to want one.

 You want a contract to build the relation with your client – clear and fair. To tell your clients what they can expect from working with you and what is not in the package.

To avoid disappointment.

To set YOUR boundaries.

I don’t think that good contract, the one that is in alignment with your business can be born from copying the template and therefore i am not offering that.

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