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My name is Magda Matras and I am honoured to welcome you here.

I am a Privacy Lawyer, Certified Data Protection Officer and the Founder of this Law Firm. 

And I love it.

Because this is the moment when all the dots of my knowledge and  legal experience in Legal Offices, NGO’s  and Government, connects to fulfill the desire to work over the borders.

Yes, I graduated from the best University and  four more postgraduate studies.

But  most importantly, I have a big map of the world on my wall, and I put new pin for each new Client I represent as EU GDPR Representative.

If assigning the representative is on your “to do list” I would love to pin you to my wall.



One Step Ahead

Why We Are The Best

Wouldn’t it be great to solve your GDPR obligation with just one click ?

We are the first EU based Law Firm offering Data Representation Service dedicated for UK businesses in affordable packages starting from 150 Eur/year.

The lawyer assigned to be your Representative, was a member of regulatory body during transition period, and within first years after implementation of GDPR. Your business is safe with us.

three steps to success

We Will Help You Every Step Of The Way


Assign Us as Your Representative

Within one week from signing the contract we will take you through onboarding process, explain and build automation


We Provide the Perfect Service to Your Clients

We make sure that you meet your legal obligations in the most convenient way both for you and your clients. We build an EU contact point on a web page with your branding, so you can proudly share it with your clients.


Assist you
with any Issue raised by Data Protection Authority

We are ready to act, in case of any data protection claims or procedures against your business.

we will assist you in any Data issue

As soon as you become our client, your business is our concern. We  guarantee easy access to our further assistance in case of any data protection  claim or procedure against your business  in front of data protection authority. You are secure.

we will assist you within 24 h

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You Deserve the Best Privacy Lawyer

we are the Law Firm Registered in 2001, with 10 years of legal experience focused in the fields of data protection and Consumer Law.

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established in 2001, We strive to provide Exceptional Service to our clients. we believe in a good and honest common market, and we will not stop at anything.

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